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Here's What Our Dog Bite Training Program Offers

Welcome to our Dog Bite Training Program, tailored to teach dogs controlled and appropriate biting behaviors in response to specific commands or threats. This specialized training is crucial for certain working dogs, such as protection or police dogs, where controlled biting is a necessary skill. Our program focuses on teaching dogs to understand and respond to commands while ensuring safety and reliability in their biting behaviors.

Here’s what our Dog Bite Training Program offers:

Specialized Assessment: We begin with a completely Free Dog Bite Training lesson where we will be conducting a thorough assessment to evaluate your dog’s temperament, drive, and suitability for bite work training. This assessment helps us understand your dog’s natural instincts and behaviors, ensuring that they are well-suited for this type of specialized training. Based on this assessment, we develop a personalized training plan tailored to meet your dog’s unique needs and goals.

Obedience Foundation: We establish a strong foundation of obedience commands such as sit, stay, come, and heel. These commands provide the framework for effective communication and control during bite work training exercises.

Bite Command Introduction: We introduce your dog to the specific command or cue that signals them to engage in biting behavior. This command is typically paired with a specific hand signal or verbal cue, helping your dog understand when it is appropriate to initiate a bite.

Bite Inhibition Training: We teach your dog to exhibit controlled biting behaviors, focusing on bite inhibition to ensure that they can adjust the force of their bite according to the situation. This helps prevent injury during training exercises and ensures safety when engaging with decoys or in real-life scenarios.

Targeting Specific Threats: For dogs trained for protection or police work, we simulate scenarios where your dog learns to recognize and respond to specific threats or aggressors. Through controlled exercises and simulations, we teach your dog to distinguish between friend and foe and respond accordingly.

Decoy Interaction: We provide controlled interactions with decoys or agitators to simulate real-life scenarios and reinforce appropriate biting behaviors. Decoys are trained professionals who assist in bite work training exercises, ensuring safety and consistency in your dog’s training.

Handler Education and Support: We provide comprehensive education and support for handlers, equipping you with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively work with your dog during bite work training exercises. This includes instruction on reading your dog’s body language, understanding bite thresholds, and implementing effective handling techniques.

Safety Protocols: Safety is our top priority during bite work training. We implement strict safety protocols and guidelines to ensure the well-being of both dogs and handlers during training exercises and interactions with decoys.

Guaranteed Results, Continuous Support and Guidance: With our Results Guarantee we promise to reach the goals that you set forth at the start of the dog bite training program and we will provide unlimited lessons until those goals are reached. Our commitment to your success doesn’t end with the lessons. We also provide unlimited ongoing phone and email support, to address any challenges or refine skills over the lifetime of your dog.

With our Dog Bite Training Program, you’ll have a reliable and skilled working dog capable of responding appropriately to specific commands or threats. Whether used for protection, police work, or other specialized tasks, our program aims to enhance the effectiveness and safety of your dog’s biting behaviors while strengthening the bond between you and your canine partner. Get started today with a Free Dog Bite Training Lesson by filling out the 2 part form at the top of the page!

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Adrienne Catlos
Adrienne Catlos
Brice is simply the best. His goal is to be every customer’s last trainer and he is definitely ours. My pup momo is very smart but also very independent (read: stubborn) and in just two weeks she was an obedient little working dog. Regardless of the challenges you have have with your dog, I’m confident Brice can help you solve them.
Amanda Dorner
Amanda Dorner
Brice helped teach my dog and me several life-changing walking skills in our first 1-hour training session. I went from having extreme anxiety about walking my dog, to feeling much more in control and able to handle him.
Jaime Lanka
Jaime Lanka
I am very grateful to have had Montreal spend time with my dog who I was beginning to think I had no control over. He has thoroughly explained the behavior and how to change it and given me all I need to keep the work going so that I can feel more confident walking my dog!! Totally recommend Montreal.
Melissa Ramirez
Melissa Ramirez
William Parry
William Parry
Great experience with Total Dog. I have a stubborn as hell Bull Terrier and Montreal, one of the behaviorist trainers did an outstanding job with him. From obedience commands to walking on a leash (which he outright wouldn’t do before). Very impressed and very grateful. Montreal is one of the best.
Renee Bagneris
Renee Bagneris
Montreal trained my mom’s dog Elvis who was at the time showing aggressive/reactive behavior. We thought we had no hope. We were going to re-home him or put him down. Montreal taught us that patience and leadership is the key to success. In two weeks we had a changed dog. We knew that we had a lot more work to be done also by us as pet parents it has now been four months and Elvis is doing great thanks to Montreal for showing us how to have patience with our fur baby I would definitely recommend him as one of total dogs best trainers
Christine West
Christine West
Kate Gross
Kate Gross
I have had a WONDERFUL! Experience with Total Dog. Caleb was our trainer and he did a fantastic job. I highly recommend using them.
Anastasia Johnson
Anastasia Johnson
Cassandra was thorough in her research about what I wanted and the results of her very well explained instructions are wonderful!
Jennifer Wroten
Jennifer Wroten

Why Choose Total Dog!

Our Core Values

At Total Dog! Austin, we believe every dog has potential. Weʼre committed to nurturing that potential through methods that encourage trust and respect between you and your furry friend. Our trainers are not just experts, theyʼre dog lovers who understand that patience, positivity, and passion make all the difference. Join us to see why love is at the heart of every lesson we teach!

Guaranteed Results

At Total Dog! We offer Guaranteed Results. We guarantee that the goals you set at the start of the Dog Bite Training Program will be reached. If it takes longer than expected we will provide you with unlimited lessons until those goal’s are reached.

There’s a reason we offer a lifetime guarantee plan at Total Dog! Not only do we know how to effectively train and communicate with our clients’ dogs, but we offer an unlimited lesson plan to ensure they retain what they’ve learned over time. Whether your dog is a quick study or needs more time to pick up new skills, we’ll continue to work with you until they reach the goals set forth at the start of the program.

Brice Cavanaugh smiling while holding a white Pitbull puppy that is undergoing puppy training in front of a purple house

Head Trainer

Brice Cavanaugh smiling and hugging a black Pitbull in a park with a big oak tree in the background

SGT Brice Cavanaugh

SGT Brice Cavanaugh founded Total Dog! and is on the Board of Directors for the National Tactical Police Dog AssociationOperation Overwatch and The Pink Berets. He is a Professional Member of the International Association of Canine Professionals and is an Evaluator for the American Kennel Club’s Canine Good Citizen multi-tiered program.


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Most Commonly Asked Question's

At Total Dog! We provide our clients with custom-made training programs designed around your specific goals and your dog’s unique learning style. Our training programs vary from dog to dog in structure, layout, duration and cost.

That’s why we don’t offer a one program fits all solution. Instead we offer a Free Consultation so that we can meet with you and your dog to evaluate factors such as lifestyle, goals, age, temperament, breed and previous training. That way we can develop a custom-made training program that perfectly fits your goals and needs!

We offer a Total Dog! dog training package that includes unlimited lessons until your dog reaches the goals identified at the start of the program. Following the program’s completion, you’ll have the opportunity to extend your dog’s training to help them reach new goals.

No, we don’t impose any breed restrictions. Total Dog! is an all-inclusive dog trainer that specializes in private dog-training for all kinds of dogs.

Right away! It’s true: you can teach an old dog new tricks and puppies are sponges for new information. While each dog has their own unique learning style and levels of maturity, as long as they’re awake, they’re learning.
At Total Dog!, we’re a truly all-inclusive dog training service. We work with dogs of all breeds and all ages.

Yes! With our Private Obedience Lessons you can choose the location. 

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