Total Dog! Videos

Dog Training Phoenix

A quick video of one of my star pupils Oliver! Molly has done a great job teaching Oliver, and helping her to become a Total Dog!

Dog Muzzle Attack

Muzzle Attack Demonstration at Luke Air Force Base MWD Section, September 20th 2010

Dog Training at the Pool

Some dog training at the pool.

Brice on WGN 21.AUG 2009

This is the video from Brice’s live interview on WGN from 21AUG09. This was Brice’s second spot on WGN. This was filmed in conjunction with Team Dog!, now known as Total Dog!, and now serving the entire Phoenix Valley.

Dog Training Extreme!

Monk, from Total Dog! shows his agility by walking, turning, sitting, laying down and then walking back along a split rail fence! Phoenix Dog Training at it’s finest!




Kobe at the Veteran’s Park in Phoenix with Brice Cavanaugh 

Brice and Monk Playing

Brice and Monk playing a bit in the backyard 

Monk Heeling Fountain

Some basic heeling at a fountain near a busy intersection 

Monk Fountain

Another video of Monk playing in the fountains

Monk Fountain II

Monk playing at a local shopping center in the fountain! 

Wall Walker

Monk walking getting up onto and walking a 9 foot block wall out on one of our walks. 

Monk At Beach 2

Monk from Total Dog! at the beach 

Monk At Beach

Monk playing at Montrose Beach


My old dog, Alemo 


This is the speed and commitment that a dog should have when going to an object 

Monk Thru

Monk and I goofing around practicing “THROUGH”

Monk Chain Link

Monk jumping over a chain link fence at Montrose Beach


Monk, very tired, still nimble onto a tall pole with little surface area 

Monk Concrete Block

Monk placing on a concrete block.

Monk Hydrant and Rock

Another very short directional clip to hydrant, to rock, to pole and back

Monk Lure

Monk’s first time on a Lure Course. He’s a natural!

Monk Spin

Monk spinning fairly tight, still with a lure 

Monk Tree

Just some silly short directionals, nothing spectacular 

Monk Hydrant

Monk on a fire hydrant. Change of Positions, SIT, DOWN and STAND.

Monk Pole BB

Monk practicing PLACE on a pole in front of Best Buy!

Dog Training Chicago 1(888) SIT-STAY

Introductory Video of Team Dog! Dog Training Solutions